4 Ways of Traveling Cheap in Uganda

Uganda receives many visitors every year including backpackers and budget travelers who feel free to live life in a foreign land as local. Well there are luxury safaris in Uganda but also budget safaris that offer freedom and value for money. If you don’t have a lot of cash and you want to explore too much, Uganda should be the countries on your bucket list in Africa. Here are some few tips on how you can cut costs on your safari tour n Uganda wildlife, nature, birding or gorilla trekking.

Travel with a Friend

You can save big on your safari in Uganda when you travel with a friend because all safari costs are shared that is accommodation, transport and other tour activities. This travel makes life easy and simple because you have someone to lean on incase of any situation. Besides, your budget Uganda safari will cost you less than when you decide to take it on alone. Plan well and talk to your friends about your travel plans in order to find a right person with the same interest.

Travel by Public Means where Possible

Not every trip in Uganda requires private safari vehicles, better to use bus than a hired vehicle on some routes and then hire a vehicle where necessary. Of course some tourist attractions in Uganda are hard to access but when you reduce the journey by using public means, it saves big. When this option you should behave like a local and don’t expect any comfort of a luxury safari in Africa. There are no private tourist vans so tourists share transport with local Ugandans. However, better to use a tour operator to guide you through the entire process if its your first time to visit Uganda.

Low season Months

Yes low season months are the best for cheap safaris in Uganda  even the famous wildlife encounter of  seeing mountain gorillas in their protected well conserved home. Imagine reserving a gorilla permit at only $450 per a a trek  in the month of April, May and November every year until 2019 when the  Uganda Wildlife Authority is planning to revise all Uganda national park fees. During this season even gorilla tours cost less from $520 per person for 3 days all inclusive, transport, accommodation and gorilla permit. It’s not only on permits but even lodges offers discounts for the low season.

Join Group Tours

If you want to save  big and also meet more new people , explore Uganda on a group safari arrangement  of 6-8 people per safari vehicle. Remember to be open minded and free to share certain trip essentials like accommodation which is a common scenario for those of the same sex. However, you can pay for a single room supplement and sleep alone a price I don’t see worth if you looking at saving big on your Africa safari tour. There are many group tours organized in the country by many tour operators including wildlife, gorillas, chimpanzee, birding etc so your interest lead to the right people.

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4 Ways of Traveling Cheap in Uganda

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