Frank Gashumba Blasts Kabushenga – Calls Him Wonder Pig

Frank Gashumba of Sisimuka Uganda has attacked Vision Group CEO, Robert Kabushenga. Robert Kabushenga is a wild pig- Frank Gashumba blasts vision group CEO. In a furious post on Facebook, Gashumba attacks Kabushenga after past reports by Vision Group media; New Vision, Bukedde Newspaper, Kampala Sun and TVs! Gashumba was arrested from the city center on 31st October 2017 (Monday night) by operatives from the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) for allegedly impersonating a defense ministry official and conning some foreigners.

While still behind bars it could be clearly felt that Frank Gashumba was as bitter about being imprisoned as bitter can be especially about those he thinks publicised his misfortunes as payback and the first victim cannot be a surprise, vision group CEO Robert Kabushenga whom he described as a pig? A pig yes a pig that needs to be slaughtered perhaps. Here is a full write up in which Gashumba attacks “the wonder pig”

This African Wonder Pig thinks we don’t have feelings, we don’t have relatives, we don’t friends etc.
One day president M7 made a statement; “until you tell them to go and eat their mother’s ‘something something’, they will not understand”.

Kabushenga for many years has used New Vision, Bukedde and Kampala sun to write total falsehoods about innocent people. My sources at New vision tell me that they get orders from him. He has turned Government’s mouth piece into his person property to fight his personal wars.

He accuses me for defending Sudhir Ruparelia. But you guys remember that New vision wrote negative stories about Sudhir Ruparelia for two consecutive weeks and the same idiots were portraying him as Uganda’s no.1 investor few years ago!

Their goal is to destroy you before the public so that they see you as a criminal. That’s why their sales have tremendously gone down, because they’ve lost credibility.

How can a National News Paper sale a paltry 25000 copies a day in a population of 40 million people?! Genetically blessed fools.

Compare William pikes’ sales with Kabushenga’s.

When did new vision become the complainant, the prosecutor and the judge to start judging people?!

Starting from next week I will start writing all the atrocities committed by this Wonder Pig under the cover of New vision brand. No one has a monopoly of insulting, annoying, maligning and tarnishing people’s names and images.

We shall not allow this Pig to continue using a government paper New Vision to fight personal wars.

Who is Kabushenga outside New Vision??! Me, Frank Gahsumba I’m self made, I owe no one apart from God.

You love me,I love you more. You hate me,i hate you more, no middle ground.

Omukama abakume.

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Frank Gashumba Blasts Kabushenga – Calls Him Wonder Pig

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